Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Penang International Art Festival

Art, Life and Vision

1st International art festival in Penang in commemoration with the 1st Anniversary of the UNESCO listing of George Town, Penang as world heritage site aims to promote the understanding and appreciation of art and culture. With the theme Art, Life and Vision, Art International Penang 2009 features a myriad of artistic expressions
through various mediums including visual art, performing arts, educational art workshops and forums, symphony orchestra music.

Official Launching Ceremony
YAB Lim Kuan Ying, the Right Honorable Chief Minister of Penang has kindly consented to officiate the opening ceremony at Penang Town Hall at 10.30 pm. The Penang Symphony Orchestra will perform the theme Music composed by Wen Loong Shin , renowned music composer cum conductor from USA who is also the guest conductor . Music Director - Mastro Woon Wen Kin

Theme exhibition - Art, Life & Vision
100 Excellent Artists Exhibition
The theme exhibition features the artworks by 100 international artists that reflect the individual artist’s thoughts and concepts related to “Art, Life and Vision”.
The aim is to promote the contemporary concept of globalization of art market. The idea is not to confine to only contemporary art, traditional Asian art such as Batik, Chinese paintings and ceramics will also be promoted.  

Endorsed by
Penang State Tourism Development, Culture, Arts & Heritage

Supported by
Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP)

Event Organizers
Exhibition - ArtGroup International
Art Workshop - Conservatory of Fine Arts
Music - Penang Symphony Orchestra
Drama - Cape Poetics
Art interaction: Pusat Pengajian Seni USM
(Fine Art Center, Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Forum - Xiao En Cultural Foundation
coorganizer- JCI Bayan
Hospitality & Cultural coordinator:
Pesatuan Pelukis Melayu Pulau Pinang( Malay Artists Association)
Art Auction Dinner - jointly organized by
Xiao En Cultural Foundation & WDO Georgetown

Art Festival Committee Chairperson
YB Koay Teng Hai, A.D.U.N Pulau Tikus

Corporate Sponsor/Project Manangement
Xiao En Cultural Foundation.

Official logistic
Junior Chamber International Bayan (JCI Bayan)

Supporting Organization
WDO Georgetown

Official Hotel
Bayview Hotel

Art Auction Dinner
Venue:Grand Ballroom, E & O Hotel
-Award for Best Cultural Dress

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陈建逢TAN KEAN PENG said...

Dear YB,
YAB is Lim Guan Eng,not Lim Kuan Ying