Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Crime Prevention Unit (CPU)

Due to the rises of the crime cases such as house break in, snatch thief, car break in and vandalism, we had form a unit named “Crime Prevention Unit”. The purpose is to prevent crime from happening and create awareness.

For preventing crime from happening, we will have 3 different type of patrolling daily from 01 July 2009. Which include the patrolling by walking, by motorbike and station in certain areas.

For creation of awareness, we will have coffee talk section from time to time regarding the crime prevention, distribution of flyers and poster and etc.

To make this unit successful and brings the benefit of 0% crime rate in Pulau Tikus, we would like to recruit as many members as possible in the Pulau Tikus Constituency to join in this unit. The task for the members will be including patrolling, educate people to prevent crime, create a better relationship and understanding with the police force, to feed information to police in cases of crime about to happen or had happened, monthly reviewing of reported cases with the police and other activities to fight crime. We urge for the local people to stand up and defend our own home and neighborhood. Beside that we will also need funding for this unit as lots of equipment and permanent man power needed.

Training and briefing will be provided by Royal Police Force. The first training cum meeting for this unit will fall on 13 June 2009 (Saturday), 2.00p.m. at ADUN Pulau Tikus, Koay Teng Hai Service Centre (10 Pierce Road).

I would like to advise the people especially those live in Pulau Tikus that no one is allowed to enter to your house premises without your concern or agree. In the case of any one that claim that s/he was the member of the CPU, please do not allow them to get in to your premises.

The person in charge for this unit will be Mr. Kevin Khoo (012-4043484), Ms. Esther (012-4883227) or you can call to ADUN Pulau Tikus, Koay Teng Hai Service Centre (04-2263227) for any query.

I do hope that anybody who will attend the Saturday briefing will confirm your attended before this Friday.

Thank you.

“Together we keep our home a safe place to live in and free from crime”





大马皇家警队将为您提供训练。第一次的会议及训练将于公元2009年6月13日(星期六),中午2时正于玻璃池滑区州议员郭庭恺服务中心(10 Pierce Road)展开。






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