Tuesday, 13 October 2009


就让我们一起发挥大爱精神,让孩子们圆了升中学的梦吧!只需区区的RM50, 您将为孩子们的中学梦,迈向圆梦的一步!

Malawi is a country in Africa, is one of the world's poorest country. Among the 12.5 million population, 40% of people with AIDS patients, the average life expectancy is 36 years. This has led to the country with approximately 2.348 million orphans who have no one to take care for them and no meals to eat, and also no chance to receive education. this had cause the country more difficult to have development opportunities.
Master Hui Li set an ambition to give this orphan a home to stay and a chance to access to education, so Amitabha care Centre had been set up to take care for more than 3000 orphanage in Malawi, and he had set up a primary school, but so far due to in suficient of fund, even though many children has passed the primary age, they do not have chance to go to secondary school. This is because no secondary school for them to go on.
Let us work togather to help them to fulfill their dream of secondary school. Just RM50, you can help the kids to step a big step for their dream to come true.

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