Wednesday, 12 May 2010

公务员的贪污Corruption of Government servant


首席部长林冠英答: 被捕的公务员2008 18位, 2009 13位; 被书面警告 20086位, 200914

郭庭恺州议员的观点: 很多人常常都会认为部分公务员涉及贪污行为, 我们希望在民联政府的执政下,可以让整个环境改变; 我们也知道很多中央部门不在我们的管辖,我们希望全民都可以和我们一起,如有面对索取贿赂时,取得证据举报,没有证人的指控是没有办法成立的。

Question: How many government officials have been punished because of corruption?

Chief Minister answer: Arrested: 2008: 18, 2009: 13. Written Warning: 2008 6, 2009: 14

YB Koay Teng Hai: General public perceptions are many of the government servants are corrupted. We hope under Pakatan admistration, we will be able to change this situation. Central government is not under our control yet, but we hope all people can work together with us, when face with corruption demand, gathered all evidence and make necessary report. All charges will require sufficient evidence and witness.

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